16. August 2016

Orbit Setup

Orbit can be used in standalone mode. You can work with normal images (jpg, png, …) or whole slide images like SVS, NDPI, SCN, etc.

In addition, Orbit is designed to work with an image server, which is necessary if you want to use a scaleout infrastructure or work in a collaborative way.

Out of the box Orbit is designed to work with the Omero image server. If you already have an Omero server you have to edit the OrbitOmero.properties in either your user home (Windows: enter %userprofile% in the explorer) or the program installation folder.

For convenience Orbit creates a OrbitOmero.properties.template in your user home folder which can be renamed to OrbitOmero.properties and modified. Basically you have to enter the Omero server address, that’s it.

More details about the Omero configuration can be found here.