8. May 2017

Omero configuration for Mac

In short: On a Mac you have to rename ~/OrbitOmero.properties.template to ~/OrbitOmero.properties and edit it in the terminal not via Finder!

  • On a Mac the OrbitOmero.properties file must be located/edited in your user home folder, the location in the execution directory will not work.
  • Renaming the OrbitOmero.properties.template to OrbitOmero.properties via Finder will not work, Finder will add automatically a .template at the end of the filename.
  • Even if you renamed it (e.g. via terminal), Finder will not display the OrbitOmero.properties file.

Conclusion: rename and edit the file via command line:

Open a terminal: Finder->Go->Utilities->Terminal

Change the directory to your user home folder, rename the template and edit it:

cd ~
mv OrbitOmero.properties.template OrbitOmero.properties
open OrbitOmero.properties

close the file and restart Orbit.

Please read the details about how to set the values here.