7. November 2016

Image Formats

Orbit is designed to connect to an image server, e.g. Omero and thus works with all image formats compatible with that image server.

Starting from version 2.41, Orbit can work with images from local file system, too, even without being connected to an image server. For this Orbit makes use of the Bioformats library and thus works with most file types listed here.

In particular Orbit works with whole slide images like SVS, NDPI, NDPIS, SCN, AFI, CZI, IMS, VSI, ETS, SLD, TIF, TIFF, TF2, TF8, BTF, but also normal images like PNG, JPG, JP2, BMP, TGA, PCX, GIF, LSM, LIF, ZIV, and DICOM images with the ending dcm.

  • Fluo / multi channel images support starting from version 2.52.
  • JPEG-XR compression in CZI images is supported from version 2.43 on. On Windows you need the Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redistributable. See details here.
  • VSI files with multi images series are supported starting from version 2.52.