The new Orbit version 2.8 comes with a brand new masking functionality. It allows you to define ‘active region’ classes within a classification model or use a segmentation model to define the segmented objects as ‘active’ and then do another classification or segmentation inside these active regions. This functionality unveils the power of Orbit for[…]


Native NDPI(s) reader

Orbit 2.7 has build-in support for native NDPI(s) reading out of the box (Win and Linux distributions). This leads to a tremendous speed improvement for reading NDPI and NDPIS files from local file system. We want to thank Hamamatsu for the great support and for providing the native library.  

maven central

Maven Central artifacts available

Orbit Image Analysis and all its dependencies are now available via Maven Central. If you want to use the Orbit API, just add <dependency>   <groupId>com.actelion.research</groupId>   <artifactId>orbit-image-analysis</artifactId>   <version>2.30</version> </dependency> in your POM or compile ‘com.actelion.research:orbit-image-analysis:2.30’ for Gradle. See the Orbit API page for details.